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ESAS/Healthcare - the Employee Satisfaction Assessment Survey for healthcare providers

The satisfied employee is the foundation upon which a quality health care organization is built and maintained. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, patients are more satisfied with the quality of care, and a satisfied patient is more willing to utilize your hospital in the future.

ESAS/Healthcare can help you maintain an organizational climate conducive to enhancing the quality of health care services. ESAS/Healthcare is designed to provide you with a cost-effective, reliable and objective measure of employee perceptions of the work environment.

Benefits of ESAS/Healthcare:

  • Provides an accurate assessment of employee satisfaction with major factors influencing job performance,
  • Compares employee satisfaction at your hospital with other hospitals similar to yours,
  • Guides you in developing strategies to create a more satisfying and productive work environment,
  • Demonstrates to employees that management is sincerely interested in listening to their problems, concerns and suggestions.

ESAS/Healthcare is a comprehensive and reliable survey instrument that measures various aspects of the organizational climate, including :

Overall evaluation of organizational climate
Employee commitment to service quality
Opportunities for professional growth
Supervisory relations
Perceptions of teamwork
Physician relations
Organizational communication
Human resource practices
Perceptions of the work environment
Perceptions of facility administration

Additionally ESAS/Healthcare can be customized to address topics of specific concern for your facility. There is no additional cost for customizing the questionnaire.

ESAS/Healthcare provides you with a full graphics-based analytical report and summary of the findings. These findings are classified by a variety of employee demographics which allow you to precisely target programs designed to enhance employee satisfaction and morale.


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