About CAIS/Healthcare

The increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace demands that you have up-to-date information on where you stand in the eyes of consumers.

If you need to know:

  • What your market share is and what it could be...
  • How consumers evaluate the quality of your services as well as your competitors’...
  • How to effectively enhance your community image and increase utilization...

CAIS/Healthcare can provide the information you need in a timely manner at an affordable cost.

CAIS/Healthcare, the Community Awareness and Image Study for Healthcare Providers, is the product of our experience with hundreds of healthcare studies for providers of all sizes and situations. We utilized that knowledge to develop a comprehensive system for measuring the perceptions, preferences, and behaviors of healthcare consumers.

CAIS/Healthcare meets the essential information requirements of all healthcare providers, while offering maximum flexibility to satisfy your specific needs.

  • CAIS/Healthcare provides you with all the benefits of custom survey design without the custom cost.
  • CAIS/Healthcare reduces the time required for planning, implementing and analyzing your survey without sacrificing quality.
  • CAIS/Healthcare utilizes advanced analytical techniques to provide you with more than just a picture of the market, but with a road map to a stronger market position.

In short, if you need information that is reliable, timely, actionable and affordable, you need CAIS/Healthcare.


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