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Standard Components
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Optional Components

Consumer Awareness of Area Hospitals

Top-of-mind, unaided and aided awareness

Consumer Preference for Hospital Services

Hospital preference for specific services, including:

  • Overnight hospitalization
  • Emergency treatment
  • Outpatient services
  • Maternity services

Other hospitals considered for specific services
Rejection of hospitals for specific services

  • Reasons for rejecting your hospital

Consumer Behavior in Utilization of Healthcare Services
Recent hospital utilization for specific services:

  • Overnight hospitalization
  • Emergency treatment
  • Outpatient services

Consumer Perceptions of the Quality of Healthcare Services
Consumer perceptions of the overall quality of area hospitals
Consumer ratings of the quality of services provided by you and your competitors including:

  • The quality of emergency services
  • The quality of the physicians
  • The quality of the maternity services
  • The quality of the nursing staff
  • The quality of the outpatient services
  • The staff's concern for patients' well-being

Family Health Insurance Status
Health insurance coverage, type and name of health plan

Demographic Information
Respondent age, gender, marital status, employment status, and education
Size of household and household income


Consumer Preference for Heart and Cancer Treatment

Hospital preference
Other hospitals considered
Hospitals rejected

Consumer Awareness of Hospital Communications and Community Events

Advertising and news/publicity awareness
Community events awareness and participation

Consumer Selection of Healthcare Services

Attributes influencing consumer choice in the selection of:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • Health plans

Additional Measures of Consumer Perceptions of Quality

Any attribute of service quality you wish, including:

  • The quality of cancer treatment services
  • The quality of diagnostic services
  • The quality of heart care/cardiac services
  • The quality of intensive care services
  • The quality of pediatric services

Consumer Satisfaction With Healthcare Services

Satisfaction with hospitals used for:

  • Overnight hospitalization
  • Emergency treatment
  • Outpatient services

Reasons for dissatisfaction

Consumer Media Use

Newspaper readership
Radio listening habits
Television viewing habits

Custom Information Components

We can easily create custom information components for any topic of concern to you.

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