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CAIS/Healthcare Answers Your Questions

What is our current market share and what could it be?

Determine your current market share.
Compare current market share with your potential.
Identify factors which may be limiting your market potential.

How do we compare with other healthcare providers in the area?

View side-by-side comparisons of your hospital with area competitors

  • Consumer awareness of healthcare services
  • Consumer preferences for healthcare services
  • Consumer utilization of healthcare service providers
  • Consumer evaluations of service quality

How does our hospital compare with others who have used CAIS/Healthcare?

View average, minimum and maximum scores and comparisons with your hospital for all awareness, preference and utilization measures.

Who is most likely to utilize our services? Who will not, and why?

Examine demographic profiles of those who would and would not consider your hospital for treatment.
Learn why consumers resist utilization of your services, in their own words.

How do consumers evaluate the quality of service we provide relative to our competitors?

Find out how consumers rate your hospital on overall quality of care.
See how consumers rate the quality of a wide range of services provided by your hospital and your key competitors.

How do consumer perceptions of quality of service impact preferences and utilization?

Identify specific attributes of patient care with the greatest impact on overall quality of care.
Define the most effective strategies for enhancing consumer perceptions of quality and improving your market share.

What is important to consumers in the selection of hospitals, physicians and health plans?

Determine the role of the patient, the physician and the health plan in selecting a hospital.
Identify the most important attributes in selecting a health plan, including hospital preference.
Learn how consumers evaluate physicians and how this affects their selection of a physician.

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